Nearing Retirement

What is the first big thing you want to do when you retire? Travel to Europe? Go see your grandkids? Start a business? Sleep in past 7 am?

The transition from work to retirement is an exciting one, but it’s difficult to navigate alone. We have helped numerous clients transition from a successful career to a successful retirement by making sure they are prepared and are using their money wisely.

What does being financially prepared for retirement look like?

It includes the knowledge and peace of mind that:
  • You will have a sufficient and growing income stream throughout retirement to maintain your desired lifestyle;
  • Your estate plan is in place, so your loved ones will be taken care of;
  • Your investment portfolio provides diversification, income, and growth in a tax-efficient manner;
  • Risks are identified and mitigated; and
  • Emotions are removed from portfolio decisions and replaced with sound, disciplined strategies.

We can help you manage every aspect of your retirement finances, including:

  • Withdrawals
  • Making Tax-Efficient Decisions
  • Social Security
  • Roth IRA, IRA, 401(k) (Decisions, Planning, Guidance)
  • Estate Planning

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