401(k) Plans

Whether you own your own business, have worked for one company your entire career, or have had multiple employers over the years, your 401(k) should be an essential component of your retirement planning. Unfortunately for too many people, it's an afterthought.


Many business owners focused on the short term: what they need to be doing that day, that week, that quarter. Long-term planning is something they'll have time to work on sometime in the future.

Many also see 401(k)s are something for their employees, an incentive to get the best staff available (which it is). But they do not realize it's something that can help them too.

We work with business owners to educate them on all the options they have for retirement planning to ensure that they are able to make the best decisions for themselves and their family.


When you are starting a new job, there's an influx of necessary tasks that need your immediate attention. Because of that, sitting down and going over the details of your company's 401(k) plan gets pushed to the bottom of the pile all too often. Even lower is deciding what to do to rollover your old 401(k) from your previous job.

At Coral Wealth Management, we are here to offer personalized, unbiased advice on your unique circumstances and help make sure that your investment strategy fits your needs and aligns with your vision for your future.


In truth, there is no magic number attached to a fruitful retirement. You need a full financial picture to weigh the multiple variables as you build your retirement plan.

If you have any questions about what options are available to you, please contact us to schedule a consultation. And if you would like a second opinion on your investment and retirement plan, we would be more than happy to offer one.

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